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Our Champions 2021-2022

Individuals and family foundations

黄色视频 offers many ways for individuals like you to make a difference. Find out how to support 黄色视频 in your local community, take part in our annual campaign and engage with our corps and members of our broader community through our donor networks.


The Edgerley Family Foundation
Jeannie and Jonathan Lavine
The Lovett-Woodsum Foundation


$500,000 鈥 $999,999

Bronfman Hauptman Foundation
George Kaiser Family Foundation
Len Hill Charitable Trust
Marion and David Mussafer
TOSA Foundation
Zoma Foundation


$250,000 鈥 $499,999

The Alter Family
Baton Rouge Area Foundation
The Lozick Family Foundation
Rosenthal Family Foundation
Schwab Charitable Fund


$100,000 鈥 $249,999

Julie and Kevin Callaghan
Michele and Kevin Casey
Nancy and Gary Chartrand
Cocherl Family Foundation
David and Rhonda Cohen
Scott Collins and Gisele Defreitas
The Community Foundation for Northeast Florida
Compulink Business Systems
Coretz Family Foundation
Mr. Ryan Cotton
The Dianne T. and Charles E. Rice Family Foundation
Esther John and Aart de Geus
Jennifer Eplett and Sean Reilly
The Green Family Foundation
Hall Family Foundation
Herb Kohl Philanthropies
Impetus Foundation
Kate Chapshaw and Steven Spielberg鈥檚 The Hearthland Foundation
Steven and Chani Laufer
Hernan Lopez Family Foundation
Charlotte Mao and Michael Brown
Marion and Henry Bloch Family Foundation
Max M. and Marjorie S. Fisher Foundation
The Michael Ward Foundation
Harvey E. Najim
New Hampshire Charitable Foundation’s Karen Jones Squires and Jim Squires Donor-Advised Fun
Rachel and Mark Rohr Foundation
San Antonio Area Foundation
Silicon Valley Community Foundation
The Ware Foundation
T&J Ward Foundation
Molly K. Shannon
TOSA Foundation
Robin and Perry Traquina
Julia A. Uihlein
Vera R. Campbell Foundation


$50,000 鈥 $99,999

The 25th Century Foundation
Leslie and Joan Berman
Steven Binswanger
Arthur and Janice Block
Brad & Cori Meltzer Charitable Trust
Jim and Natalie Burtson
Byrne Family Foundation
Community Foundation for Southeast Michigan
Karen Daniel
Diane and Neil Exter
Finnegan Family Foundation
Goodman Manilow Family
Becky and Mike Goss
Anne and John Herrmann Jr.
Melanie and Stephen Hoffmeister
Kauffman Foundation Matching Gifts Program
Michelle and Ryan Kilkenney
Mays Family Foundation
Sarah and Jeremy Milken
Palmer Murray
The Najim Charitable Foundation
Ortega Foundation
Dwight Poler
Ms. Spencer
Theresa and Robert Wadsworth
Susan and Matthew Weatherbie
The Anne and Henry Zarrow Foundation


$25,000 鈥 $49,999

Bob Arthur and Susan Anderson
Michael and Julia Atalla
Patti Jeanne and Kevin Barry
Brenda and Rich Battista
Daniel and Trish Bell
The Bicknell Family Foundation
Mimi and James Brault
J.F. and Peggy Bryan IV
Kate and Bob Byrne
Kelly and John Carroll
Poppy and Robert Clements
Suzanne and Jeffrey Cohodes
Stephanie and John Connaughton
The David Geffen Foundation
Sally and David Dornaus
Sandhya and Craig Douglas
DuBow Family Foundation
Nancy and Brad Drummond
Einhorn Collaborative
Shannon and Tom Fallon
Laura Fox and Ben Van de Bunt
Fox Family Kalb Foundation
Susanna Felleman and Erik Feig
Chris and David Fullerton
Catherine and Ed Galante
Sonal and Ravin Gandhi
Inger and Pat Geraghty
Carol and Stephen Geremia
Kate and John Gilligan
Hargroves Family Foundation
Bari and Alan Harlam
Terence Hayes
David Heinzmann
Robert Hill
The Holley Foundation
Barbara and Amos Hostetter
The Hunt Family Foundation
Irma and Norman Braman Philanthropic Fund
Randall Jackson
The John and Kathleen Schreiber Foundation
Mary Kellner, Patty Yttre + Family
Michael Krupka
Dianne and Bill Ledingham
Jack Lew and Ruth Schwartz
Dana Locknistar and Christine Beck
Loeb Family Charitable Foundation
Kristin and Paul Marcus
Anna Kovner and Seth Meisel
Jean Maier and Edward Inderrieden
The Marc Haas Foundation
The Michelson Foundation
Monique and David Miller
National Philanthropic Trust
The Neithercut Family
Jon Neuhaus ’91
The Palmer Family
Terry and John Petersen
The Phoenix Charitable Foundation
Laura and Jay Poch茅
The Rhode Island Foundation
Cindy Sanborn and Beth Ann Andrews
Sanford and Irene Burnstein Foundation
Maurice Smith
Binh-Minh and Ed Sobol
Winnie Spar
Jennifer Steans and James Kastenholz
Sandy and Jeff Teper
Robert and Laura Thomas
Mark and Kimbra Walter
Walter Family Foundation
Julia White
The Zients Family Foundation


$10,000 鈥 $24,999

Acheson Family Foundation
Adele and Michael Acheson
Allan Alexander
Nanny and Eric Almquist
Kim and Joe Army
Michelle and Robert Atchinson
Kristen and Jim Atwood
John and Anne Baker
Joe and Helaine Banner
Dr. John and Katherine Barker
Ken and Carolyn Barth
Donna Mirus Bates
Mrs. Susan Berger
Greg Berlanti, Eliza Weiss and Family
Carol Lavin Bernick
Marina Berti and Stephen Prough
Susan Beverly
Stephen Bierline
Marsha and Steven Birchard
Franci Blassberg and Joseph Rice III
Holly and Rich Bonomo
Rachael Bradley
Shelley and Rob Brenneman
Rita and Charles Bronfman
Diane Buhl and Mark Polebaum
Brad and Denise Brubaker
Bruce & Carolyn Kusmin Family Foundation
Susan and Topher Callahan
William Calvert
Sharon and Dr. Jamie Cash
Megan and Peter Chernin
Ronnie and Reed Chisholm
Kristine and Nevin Chitkara
Gary and Judy Clare
Gertrude and General (ret.) Wesley K. Clark
The Cleveland Avenue Foundation for Education
Sandy and Jay Colvin
Julia Cooney
The Couch Family Foundation
Dr. Catherine Cushinberry
Candace and John Darby
Elizabeth and Kent Dauten
Karen Davidson
Jordana and Jason Davis
Billy DiMichele
Maureen and Brian Dixon
Donovan Family Foundation
Stan and Lenore Dorfman
Brian Doty
Tosha Downey
Emily Duncan
Beth and Gerard du Toit
Anne and Don Edwards
Edwardson Family Foundation
Lindsay Ehlers
Barbara and Michael Eisenson
Gayle and Walter Embrey
Emily Balz Smith Foundation (H. Smith Inc)
Carl Faller and Mary Finnegan
Kristy and Steve Fercho
Ellen Fitzsimmons and Greg Rogowski
Ana and Andy Flaster
Robert and Deborah Fleischman
Emily and Henry Ford III
Furyk Foundation
Gary and Pennie Abramson Charitable Foundation
Franz Geiger
George Lopez Foundation
Pam Gerber and Suzanne Slonim
Ann and Robert W. Gillespie
Zlata Gleason
Allie and Bob Glotfelty
Wyck Godfrey
Mark and Dit Goldberg
M. Norman and Jaclyn Goldberger
Sarah and Gabe Gomez
Roger and Agi Graham
Beth and Larry Greenberg
Robert Greenblatt
Jason Grosfeld
Chandelle Wiebe Hakim
The Harvard Family
Randi Hedin and Andy Gardner
Hille Foundation
Jane and Steven Hoch
Stephanie and Roger Hochschild
Andrea and Frederick Hoff
Jean Hynes and Mark Condon
Alyssa Irving and Chris Mrazek
Ilene and Richard Jacobs
Ralph and Janice James
April Javist
Jessie G. S. Simpson Trust #1
John N. Kratz and Beverly A. Kratz Family Foundation
Allison and Jim Johnson
Suzette and David Johnson
Erin Brown Jones and Scott Jones
Karen and Michael Jones
Charity Tubalado Jovanovic, Stevan Jovanovic and Family
Rosabeth Moss Kanter
Theodore and Wendy Kapnek
Jeffrey Katzenberg and Kendra Burns
Mary and Jack Keenan
Bob and Margot Keith
Pam and Arthur Kelleher
Stephen Kidder and Judith Malone
Richard Kim
Mary Beth and Adam Kirsch
Lara and Kyle Krpata
Deborah Kuhn and Lee Dobkin
Monica Kumar
Lawrence B. Dale Family Foundation
Lisa and Stephen Lebovitz
Mira and Brian Lee
Shirley and Joseph LeRoy
Diana and John Thomas Lewis
David Lincoln
Lisa and Eran Lobel
Ellie and Philip Loughlin
Nancy N. and Thomas H. Lurie
Lowell Milken Family Foundation
Mary Beth Maines and Jim Downing
Hussain Manjee
Liz and Joe Marconi
Lily Maxwell
Sarah Maynard
Rachel May-Sine
The McCausland Foundation
Elisabeth and Robert McGregor
Kate and Warren Mead
Chuck and Linda Mellowes
Linda and Dr. Fred Meyers
The Miguel B. Fernandez Family Foundation
Michael and Janice Miller
Paul and Sandra Montrone
Patricia and Michael Mordas
Stephanie Morimoto, Matthew King and Family
The M.R. and Evelyn Hudson Foundation
Mulroy Family Foundation
Erin and Matt Murphy
Musci Family
Ramona and Adam Nee
Elin and Larry Neiterman
Ruth Nelson
New Hampshire Charitable Foundation’s Ballentine Family Charitable Fund
New Hampshire Charitable Foundation鈥檚 Geoffrey E. Clark and Martha Fuller Clark Fund
Dean and Anita Newton
Linda and John Nobles
Sundar Nagarathnam
Michelle and Ted Noon
Meghan and Matt Norton
Christine Olsen and Robert Small
Ortega Foundation
Cathleen and William Osborn
Otto H York Foundation
Ann and Bob Parker
Mr. Boris Penchion
The Peter and Elizabeth C. Tower Foundation
Julie and C. Gregg Petersmeyer
Devin Peterson
John Pisan
Tanya and Michael Polsky
Daria Preston
Linda and Stuart Price
Pritzker Traubert Family Foundation
Deborah and Stephen Quazzo
Tom Raffio
Wendy and Jon Ralston
Ron Randolph
Kristen and Paul Reeder
Winifred and Kevin Reilly
Christina and Alvin Reynolds
Christopher Rile
RK Foundation
Robert and Patricia Colby Foundation
Robert C. Echele Charitable Foundation III
John W. Rogers, Jr.
Kelly and Joe Rogers
Shirley and Patrick Ryan
Maybel and Jorge Salgueiro
Rohini and Ravinder Sakhuja
Sheryl Sandberg
Anne and James Schoff
Katrina Scott
Lesa Scott and Philip Jackson
The Shaheen Family
Sharna and Irvin Frank Foundation
Betsy and Will Shields
Karen Shigehara
Eileen and John Sivolella
Kelly and Erik Smith
Kristin Olson Smith and Dustin Smith
Nancy and Warren Smith
Stacey Snider and Gary Jones
Sogg Foundation
The Solomon and Sylvia Bronstein Foundation
Tom and Beth Sorbo
Kathie and Joe Sowa
Stephanie and Brian Spector
Kerri Strike-Stahller and Teri Stahller
Polly and Bobby Stein
Carol and Lee Tesconi
Noemie Tilghman
Anne and Brian Trinque
Suzanne and Andrew Viens
Shiva Viswanathan
Michael Ward
Leonard Wechsler
Nicole and John Weeldreyer
Jon and Jill Weiner
Brook and Kevin Westcott
Dr. David Weinberg
Marty and Rene Wender
Suzanne and Tom Werner
Williams-Chadwick Charitable Fund of the San Antonio Area Foundation (Barbara and George Williams)
Ellen and Jim Wiss
Missy and Mike Young
Rabia Zafar and Mohammed Anjarwala


$5,000 鈥 $9,999

The 1111 Foundation
Jennifer and Michael Abt
The Adi and Jerry Greenberg Foundation
Eyal Altman
Daniel Alvarez
Kyle Angelo and Cynthia Snyder
Lisa and Jeff Aronin
Michael Baer and Julia Rafal-Baer
Erin and Brian Berger
Bert L. and Patricia S. Steigleder Charitable Trust
Pam and Bill Berutti
Kate Boege
Steffanie Bonner
Lisa Bono
Deborah and Gabriel Brener
Mikayla Brettelle
Bobbe and Jonathan Bridge
John and Jacolyn Bucksbaum
Susan Okie Bush
Marlene Canter
Rachel Cantor
Adam Caplan
Kathy and Joe Capraro
Carlos and Elizabeth Heath Foundation
Tony Circolone
David Colli
Thomas and Patricia Castellanos-Cornish
David and Maryelyn Cousins
Joanne Furtek Cox
Tanya Crawford
John Crowley
Bizzy and Steve Darling
Dana and Stuart Davies
Deanna and Tony DiNovi
Shannon Donohue
Cheryl and James Duckworth
Rob and Kristy Edmund
Emily Duncan
E.J. and Marjory B. Ourso Family Foundation
ELMS Foundation, Merle and Stanley Goldstein
Hylke Faber
Jordan Feld
Rosie Fernandez
Katherine Feucht
Shonda and Curtis Fisher
Grace and William Flatt
Jennifer and Thomas Florsheim, Jr.
Richard and Shari Foos
Sondra Friedman and Kirk Gregersen
Alan Gallo
Jennifer Gautier
Bill and Hansi Glahn
Julie and Rolf Goetze
Elizabeth and John Gray
Gregory and EJ Milken Foundation
Ellen Guthrie and John Mankovich
Kelly and Pancho Hall
Susan Harrington
Jane Hawkes
Christa and Jeff Hawkins
Anne Helgen and Michael Gilligan
Mary and Dr. William Henricht
Zach and Val Hensley
Rick Hess
Regina and Joseph Hitchery
Mari-Ann and William Hogan
Mr. Joe and Mrs. Lynne Horning
Brian Hungerford and Lisa Neidhardt
Barry Irvin
Jennifer Eplett and Sean E. Reilly Fund of the Baton Rouge Area Foundation
Sarah and Jeffrey Joerres
Sonja Johanson and Rich Gordet
Blythe Jones
Emily and Ross Jones
Josephine Goodyear Foundation
Kadens Family Foundation
Adam Kenvarg
Colleen Knupp
Sean and Angela Kouplen
Sari and Mitchell Kovitz
Niccole and Jeremy Kroll
Lance and Hillary Milken Foundation
Gail Ann and Howard Lanznar
Keri Larkin and Brian Vollmer
Mattie McFadden-Lawson and Michael Lawson
Julia Lennox and Rick Rizzo
Kenny Lipschutz
Mack and Jessica Lovvorn
Mallory Mahan and Evan Serdensky
Mark and Donna Ross Family Foundation
Katie McGrath and J.J. Abrams
Ashley McGuiness
John McMahon
Medina Foundation
Brad and Shannah Messinger
Peter Miller
Nicole Solomon Mitchell and David Mitchell
Westley Moore
Michelle Moosally
Frank Nardi
Antonia and Joe Nedder
Marty and Anita Nesbitt and Family
Kedra Newsom
Linda and John Nobles
Mary Beth and Bob Persons
Curt and Rachel Petersen
Petrlik Family Foundation
Pfund Family Foundation
Mason Phelps
David and Maggie Pleva
Jesse and Jane Polan
Richard and Karen Pollock
Morris Price, Jr.
Abby Pucker
Randy and Katia Randleman
Carolyn Ravin
Stephanie Cameron Regan and Daniel Regan
Drew and Ross Reilly
Renaissance Charitable Foundation Inc.
Nikki and Joseph Rioff
Charles Ritchey Jr.
The Robert P. and Arlene R. Kogod Family Foundation
Trisha Rooney
Mark and Donna Ross
Brian and Dianne Sandy
H. Andrew Schwedel
James Scola
Michael Seda
Jason Serlenga
Jana Shoulders and Bob Soza
Christopher Simmons
Lucy Caldwell-Stair and Thomas Osborne Stair
Kathleen and Robert Stansky
Stearns Family Charitable Fund
Michelle Sobrino-Stearns and Mr. Brian Stearns
Kerri St Jean
Strauss Foundation
Dorothy Sumption
Heather Svetek
The Thomas and Patricia Cornish Family Foundation
Nathan Turner
Sophie and James Ward
Lois and Gail Warden
Meg Watkins
Juanita and Bob Watt
Cheri Weiler
Elaine and Alan Weiler
Holly and Daniel Weinberg
Weishaupt Family Foundation
Jennifer Weishaupt
Paula and Ken Weissman
Lindie Lou and Bob Wightman
Jody and Matt Wilhelm
Anthony Wilson
Joe and Sandra Wisniewski
Ellen Wood
Bob Worth
Carol and Bill Yermal


$2,500 鈥 $4,999

Jim and Susannah Adelson
Aram and Claudia Afshar
Jack and Stephanie Allen
Raja Amar
April Ancira and Jason Thompson
Maria and Frank Angileri
Jennifer Asplund
Trish and Ken Atha
Laura and Joseph Atkinson
Collin Bailey
David Ball
Jacqueline and Thomas Benedetti
Michael Bernstein
Ajay Bhumitra
Alex Block
Joan and Howard Brodsky
Sean and Sherry Brogan
Jesse Brown
Patty Cadorin
Alexandra Callam and Andrew Horwitz
Amy and JC Cangilla
Caplan Wright Family Fund
Kelly Carpentier
Bonnie and Arnold Caplan
Andrea and Eric Carlson
Joanie Cavanaugh
Josh Chaitin and Erin Galvin
Nadine Chakar
Nicole and Hugh Chang
Josh and Niki Cochran
Stefani Cogsdale
Francisca and Rudy Comeaux
Amy and Dennis Connolly
Usama and Katherine Cortas
Christian and Jaclyn Leibl-Cote
The Cotsen Family Foundation
Dan Coyle
Matthew and Cherie Cross
Nora Crowley and Daniel McGowan
Kim and Jonathan Davis
Carla and Tom D’Orsi
Kay and J. Anthony Downs
James Doyle
Norman Drechsel
Ruken Duzgun
Jana Ellis
Amy and Scott Emerman
Tara and Robert Ettinger
Kim and Chad Feingold
Joseph Fielding
Sarita Figueroa
Barbara and David Firestone
Christopher D. Fletcher
The Foster Family Private Foundation Inc.
Graceann and Fred Foulkes
Geoffrey Garin
Gary & Denise Gardner Family Foundation
Bill Gerstein
Kam Ghassemieh and Mandi Malek
Joel Glass
Jessica Greenfield and Paul Hummel
Heather and Ben Grimmett
Janice Gross and Steve Klar
Cara and Michael Hair
Joseph Hartlaub
Ava and Cordell Haymon
Sara Hazel
Jennifer Hernandez
Carolyn and John Hewson
Susan Hoff
Ann Marie and Terry Horner
Paul Hoskins
Nancy Hunt
Betsy Jackson
Linda and Bill Jacobs
Michelle Jacobson
John and Ilene Kennedy Foundation
Julie Joyal and Paul Reville
David Kall
David Kalt
Fahmi Karam
Kathryn Katz
Jennifer and Liam Kennedy
Christopher Keogh
Anastasia and Jonathan Kermani
Laura Atler Klapman and Howard Klapman
Krehbiel Family Foundation
Barbara Kyse
Andrea Levitt and Antoine Hatoun
Michael Lawson
Christy and John Lindsay
Katherine and Chris Linneman
David Lipman
Lobeck Taylor Family Foundation
Cara and Mark Lorion
Amanda and Blake Lovelace
Connie Lovvorn
Vincent Lyles
Sherry McBeath
Linda and Andrew McLane
Frank Mendicino
Jigar and Raina Mehta
Gloria Mitchell
Thero and Sarah Mitchell
Ameena Mohan
Kimberley and David Monasterio
Carla Moynihan
Troy Murdock
Mike and Diane Muyskens
Steve Neff
Kevin Newell
John Newman
Rob Nicewicz
Barbara O’Connor
Dawn Paepke
Amy Parker
Mark Plunkey
Marianne and Mike Poore
Julie Quinn
Brett and Jessica Rafuse
Ian Reasor
Alan and Joan Reischec
Nathan Rexroth
The Robert Weiler Company
Kimberly Robinett
Ken and Beth Roos
Anna Sander
Kristen and Jim Saranteas
Roxanne and Jordan Schau
William Austin Scheffy
Stuart Schlossberg and Bonnie Reed
Ms. Lyn Schoenfeld
Samuel and Dona Scott
Robert Scudiero
Harriet Seitler
Larry Serota
Heidi and Sean Shadid
Kala and Gary Sharp
Linda and Bob Shelby
Dan and Elizabeth Sievers
Dan Simoni
Anna Sinaiko and Joshua Klevens
Dr. Morna Smith
Krista Snow
The Spencer Foundation
Rabbi Samuel Stahl and Mrs. Lynn Stahl
Kyra Stefin
Jennifer and Seth Stier
Susan Stockel
Meredith Stone
Thomas Stutz
Gavin Sullivan and Shadia K’David
Prasad Sulur
Anne and Andy Thomas
Kristen Villers
Michael Walsh
Andrea and Thomas Ward
Loren and Heath Ward
Rich Whittington
Nicole Xu and Chris Anzivino
Mollie and Bartell Zachry


$1,000 鈥 $2,499

AAA Auger
David Abraham
Christine and Reuben Ackerman
Kenneth Ackerman
Pete Agnes
Barbara and Bruce Akers
Candace Boschard and James Albert
Dr. Zee Ali
Sonbol and Mansour Aliabadi
Carrie Ambo and Dominic Harkness
Morris Amiri
Thomas Anderson
Joseph and Rose Marie Andolina
Dale and Roland Anglin
Chantee Angus
Philip Anthony and Lynn Cromer
Nancy Aossey
Natalie Ardeel and Christopher Rich
Lonnie and Martha Arima
The Arnold & Jill Bellowe Family Foundation
Raquel Arredondo
Jami and Matthew Axelrod
Rebecca and Wade Bacon
Julie Baer and Timothy Bancroft
Guillaume Bagal and Bobby Gondola
Ms. Allyson Baker
Georgina Balian
Dmitry Balyasny
John Barnes
Alex Barnett
Isabel Barros
Caroline Bartman
Katie and David Basson
Ian Michael Baxter
William Bayers
Beth Bazley
Ann Marie and Chris Bell
Kim and Jerry Bellotti
Leora Benami
Adam and Katharine Berger
Dale and Max Berger
Peter Bergsten
Mark Bernstein
Marietta Beverly
Shweta and Jason Bhardwaj
Jonathan Bien
Kevin Birzer
Eric and Kendra Black
Marcia and Don Blenko
Buck and Janelle Blessing
Mrs. Sylvia Blume
Dina Bolton
David and Cassie Bordeau
Matthew Boyle
Danielle Holliday Boysen
Kirk Bradshaw
Ben Brady
Jennifer Bramley
Jenny and Gregory Brandes
Brent and Alison Trager Family Fund
Jeff Breor
Matthew Brill
Patricia and William Brilliant
Jane Brock-Wilson
Corey Broms
Beth and Barry Broome
Donald Brown
Kate Brown
Malik Brown
Susan Brubaker
C.J. Brucato
James and Elinor Buck
Sheldon Buckler
Buckman Fun Filled Family Foundation
Nilesh and Anita Buddhdeo
Peter Bull
Dan Burnstein and Martin Martinez
Christopher Butler
Kathy Butler and Tom Wideman
Lynn Butts
Sara Butz
Sean Calhoun
Matthew Calligaro
Sabah and Asim Cambrelen
Patricia and David Cameron
Alisha Bell-Campbell
Michael Cantor
Tara Carey
Ian Carlile
Peter Carpenter
Karen and Chip Chaikin
Angela Chaudhari and Alpesh Patel
Nicole and Tariq Chaudhri
Abhishek Chauhan and Saheba Sahni
Joy Chik and Tom Larson
Linda Chin
Brian Chu
Pam Chueh
Audra and Bryan Clark
Ken and Debbie Clark
Martin Clevenger
Benjamin Clinger
Cathy Coates and Brain Hales
Kate and Jason Cofer
Synettra Coleman
John Connor
Shari Connor
David Coopert
William and Mary Copeland
Stacey and Mark Cornforth
Sandra and James Corry
Laura Coyne
Dan Cranshaw
Susan Crenshaw
Timothy A. Cunningham
Bob and Sheri Curry
Joy Cutler
Michael Cvengros
Shari and David Damlich
Barbara and John Darby
Caroline and Chuck Dauk
Liane and Paul Davis
Paul and Julie Davis
Debra and Matt Dawson
Tim and Christina Deane
Geoff Decker and Catherine Cushing
Jean DeLeon
Martha Delgado
Allison Delong and John Johnson
Kevin and Jennifer Demoff and Family
Jessica and Kevin De Pina
Michelle DeVoe
Mark Dexter and Deborah Cowley
Ron and Marion Dickel
John DiCola
Carol Downs and Charlie Rose
Ellen Drew
Craig Duchossois
Patrick Dunks
Brianna Dusseault
Margret Duthaler
Elisabeth Dutton and Daniel Shader
Grace Dwyer
Andrea Eaton
The Ed and Andy Smith Fund
Margaret Ellibee
Elisabeth Engel and Brent Smith
Lupe Erwin
Anne Esbenshade and Mike Miele
Andrea Evans Zoia
Daniel Farley and Robert Glos
Farrokh Farrokhi
Scott and Tamsin Fast
Joanne and Scott Faust
Edouard Felenbok
Carrie Bridges Feliz and Ruben Feliz
Giselle Fernandez
James and Lynne Finnegan
Michael Fischbach
Michelle Flores
Sheryl Flug
Maryanne Flynn and Harry Kline
Art and Susie Fogel
Sheralynn and John Follin and Family
Suzanne Fondries
Sarah and Charlie Forbes
Vince Ford
Fellicia Foster
Vicki Forward
William and Helena Foulkes
Janet Foutty
Adam Fox
Lulu and Billy Freiberg
Lisa and Richard Frisbie
Gary Frishman and Meredith Curren
Dr. Andrea Fritschle
Lori and Simon Furie
Maria T. Galeno
Denise Gardner
Peni Garber
Marty Gardner
Jenine Garrelick
Helene Gayle
David Gedeon
Douglas Gelfand
Anne Gibson
Claudia Gilman and Harry Eisenbaum
Andrew Glazier
Howard Gleicher
Cary and Danielle Goldman
Jennifer Gonring and Family
Amanda and Campe Goodman
Charlie Goodwin
Marcia and Kenneth Goodwin
Gottschalk Family Foundation
Hugh and Jeanne Gottschalk
Suzanne and James Goudge
Derrick Graggs
Anthony Greco
Arlin and Paula Green
Robert and Cheryl Greenwood
Mr. Howard Grill
Stephania Grober
Deborah Gross and Chuck Kurtz
Frank Grossman
Pam Grossman
Cathy Gunther
Michael Guzman
Audrey Haberman
Haberman Family Foundation
Whitney Hager
Mary Reynolds-Hairston
Anita Zervigon-Hakes and Jay Hakes
Lisa Halbleib
Jeff Hall
Amy and Andy Hamilton
Ayesha and Ty Harper
Maureen Harper
Rodney Harrelson
Wendell Harvey and Wendy Green-Harvey
Jen and Des Havlicek
Courtney Hawkins
Jill Hawley
Kathleen Heffron
Katie Helock
Gary Henson
Susan and Ryan Hess
JD and Delia Heyman and Family
Marshall Hill
David Hiller
David Hirsch
Bill Hite
Ruth Hodges and John LeClaire
Traci and Jan Hogrefe
Pam and Bill Holding
Erin Regan Hotaling
Bethany Housman and Arlene McCann
Carl Hughes
Peter Hunter
Vanessa Hurd
Ariel Hurley
David Hutchins
Dinesh Indala
Arturo and Susan Iriarte
Kathy and Joe Irvine
John Jackson
The Jacob 219 Fund
Nirad Jain
Gretchen and Corey Jennings
Thomas and Michelle Jennings
Bethany Jewel and Stephen Silver
Jim Johnson
Susan Johnson
Edwin Johnston
Constance Jones
Jessica and Mark Jones
Nancy Jones
Michael Josephson
Kunal Kadakia
Vrahram Kadkhodian
Daniel and Suzanne Kanter
Scott Kapusta
Bianca Karim
James Karr
Jon and Mollie Kauffman
Ellen and Gerard Keiley
Gary Kelly
Solon Kentas
William Kilroy
Larry Kim
Molly and Ken Kimble
Collin Knisely
James Knowles
Denise and Len Komoroski
Florence and Richard Koplow
Carter and Tricia Korey
Morgan Krajewski
Greg and Kristin Kranias
Alice Kwan
Lunetta Kwan
Colleen Laduzinski
Francisco Laguna
Ziv Lalich
Natalie Lamarque
Raleigh Lancaster
Ronny Lancaster
Sarah and Matt Lapides
Patricia Thomas-LaRoche
Monica and Vincent LaSalle
Elizabeth and William Laskin
Robert Lauer
Elizabeth and Eric Laughlin
Dan Le
Marc Leaf
Taryn Leavitt
Teri and Gordon LeBlanc
Raquel Leder and Benjamin Esty
Ellen and Bruce Leicher
Nan Leonard and Cesar Brea
Sarah Lewand
Jeffrey Li and Randy Wehling
Keith Linhart
Joe Link
Mike Lochmann
Melissa and Ted Long
Elaine Loo
Scott Lopez
Ed and Deborah Lovelidge
Lubrano Family Charitable Foundation
Eric Lundberg
Shoreen Maghame and Philip Paccione
Paul Mahan
Joel Maiola
Susan Malloy
Rick Malnati
Jerry Marcus
Joan and David Martin
Lisa Martin and Mark Jensen
Gary and LeShelle May
Emily McComb and Nicolas Massard
Toi Massey
Tiverton and Austin McClintock
Jason McCree
Scott McCullers
Linda McDavitt
Jim McDougall
Claire and Justin McEvily
Madeleine McGregor
Lisa McLarty
Bethany McLean and Sean Berkowitz
Tracey and Ty McMains
Cathy and Mark McRae
Roberta Meacham
Mary Judith Meelia
Marissa Melnick
George and Lois Meng
The Mergen Family
Mervis Family Foundation
Paul Meyer
Jack Middleton
Ellen Milgrim and Andy Keiser
Matthew Miller
Tarra Mitchell
Leslie Moonves and Julie Chen Moonves
Amy and Marc Morgenstern
Marjorie and Brian Morris
Dr. Gail Morrison
Kama Moseley
Bryan Moser
Valerie Moses
Michael Moss
Brooke and Will Muggia
Elizabeth and John Mullan
Tim and Connie Myers
Vivian Myers
Joshua and Claire Nelson
David Nestingen
New Hampshire Charitable Foundation’s David P. and Dorothy M. Goodwin Family Fund
Tait and Laura Nielsen
Peggy and John Niemer
Cyndi Nguyen
Debra Whitby-Norman
Shannon O’Doherty
Erik and Gina O’Neill
Jack O’Rourke
Cynthia Orellana
Gary Orren
Christopher P. Osgood
Abigail Ottmers
Andrew Paone
The Parrott Family
Jeffery Payton and Susan Payton
Chris Kellogg-Peeler
Rich Penkowski
Tadd Permenter
Paula Perry
Jordan and Dr. Jarrad Plante
Abby Pogrebin
Eric Popien
Laura Powers
Lara Price
Marlene Price
Lori Pumphrey
Merrill Puopolo
Joshua and Natalia Puskar
Patricia and Thomas Quinlan
Matthew Rachleff and Mark Kantrow
Oren Raffi
Daniel Rainer
Damon and Mazvita Rankin
Daniel Reinberg
Loretta and Bruce Richard
Lori Richards
Deb Rivkin and Bruce Haggarty
Monica Roberts
Megyn and Patrick Robertson
Hannah and Joe Robson
Rolando Rodriguez
Bryan and Betsy Ross
Margaret Rote
Ken and Chandra Roughton
Katie Roush
Entrice and Marcus Rowe
Christine and Kevin Ruddy
Victoria VanCura-Rutland
Edward and Sally Rust
Lois Sachs
Heidi and Jason Saghir
Richard and Annie Samuels
Diane and Michael Sapir
Norman and Donna Saurage
Gretchen Schaffner and Alex Reid
Brian Schartz
Kathy Scherer
Eric and Beth Schlager
Cindy and Peter Schliemann
Cynthia Schluter
Barbara Schneeman
Craig Schneider
Schneider-Gorney-Lammi Family Fund
Representative Suzanne Schreiber and Tony Rittenberry
Mark and Marie Schwartz
Jack Segal
Marsha Sehler
Alex Shahidi
Scott Shapiro and Jena Thornton
Risa Shames and Neil Silverston
Barbara Shapiro and Daniel Fleishman
Benjamin Sher
Veeral Sheth
Benjamin Shobert
Kate and Raleigh Shoemaker
Keith Silvestri
Jit Singh
Jeffrey Smith
Sherley Smith
Lee and Laura Smith
Julie Smith
Nora and Jeff Smith
Christine and David Smoragiewicz
Alix and Joseph Smullin
Fred Snitzer
Paul Snitzer
John Snyder and Mignon Dupepe
Paul and Debbie Spychala
Marjorie and Paul Stanzler
Tammy Steele and Jeff Stewart
Ronald and Nancy Stegens
Roya Stephens
Shaun Stimpson
Jacqueline and David Stockel
David and Joanna Stokkink
Allison and Pierre Stouse III
Mica Strother and Greg Hale
Edward Suarez
Thomas and Patricia Sugrue
Catherine and David Sullivan
Ms. Jennifer Swize
Fred Tabak
Jill and Mark Tabit
Michelle Tafel
Meredith Talbot and David Litvak
Callie Tally
David Taylor
Harold Thomas
James Thomas and Ronald Rae
Nicola and Phil Thompson
Gillian Thomson
Andrew and Emily Treaster
Derek Tyus and Dwanyell Thomas
Nolan and Elaina Tully
Kevin Turpin II
Sarah Wood Utter and Brian Utter
Annmarie Valentin
Tim van Biesen
Kasey and Kyle Vena
Shoshana and Kevin Vernick
Aaron and Teresa von Staats
Adam and Karen Waalkes
James Wade
Suzanne Wade
James Waller
John and Patricia Walsh
Karen and Joseph Walsh
Donna Welch
Scott Welsh
Garret Weston
Jon-Michael Wheat
Brenda Seagrave-Whittle
Kenneth Wigle
Cindy and Jake Winebaum
Tina Wirth and Carrie King
Janelle Woods-McNish and Hansley McNish
Courtney Worcester
Natalie and Rod Wright
Ramalee and Cristian Wulf
Teri Wysor
Phyllis Yale and Tucker Taft
Jennifer and Steven Zandpour
Jason Zukus

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Foundations and nonprofits

黄色视频 and its philanthropic partners work together toward a common goal: ensuring all students have access to personalized learning environments that help them reach their full potential.


Ballmer Group
Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation
ECMC Foundation
Lego Foundation


$500,000 鈥 $999,999

Community Foundation of Greater Memphis
The Skillman Foundation
Windsong Trust


$250,000 鈥 $499,999

American Endowment Foundation
Caerus Foundation Inc.
Charles and Lynn Schusterman Family Philanthropies
Communities Foundation of Texas
Crown Family Philanthropies
Einhorn Collaborative
General Motors
Greater Washington Community Foundation
The Harry and Jeanette Weinberg Foundation
Literacy Inc.
The Lozick Foundation
Lyda Hill Philanthropies
Pinkerton Foundation
The Robin Hood Foundation
SchoolSmart KC


$100,000 鈥 $249,999

The Baupost Group, LLC
Booth Ferris Foundation
The Boston Foundation
California Community Foundation
Charles Stewart Mott Foundation
CityBridge Foundation
The Cleveland Foundation
College Spark Washington
The Columbus Foundation
Cullen Foundation
David V. Uihlein Sr Foundation
The Ellison Foundation
Emerson Collective
The Fred A. Lennon Charitable Trust
Goldring Family Foundation
Heart of Florida United Way
Herzfeld Foundation
Manton Foundation
The Miami Foundation
Michigan Department of Labor
Mother Cabrini Health Foundation
New Schools for Baton Rouge
NSI (Network for School Improvement)
Orlando Magic Youth Fund
Phoenix IDA
Polk Bros Foundation
The Price Family Foundation
Regions Foundation
The Rhode Island Foundation
Robert R. McCormick Foundation
Schultz Family Foundation
The Smidt Foundation
Sobrato Family Foundation
Steans Family Foundation
Tulsa Area United Way
United Way for Southeastern Michigan
United Way of Metropolitan Dallas Inc.
United Way of Northeast Florida
United Way of San Antonio and Bexar County


$50,000 鈥 $99,999

Boone Family Foundation
The Booth-Bricker Fund
Clark Charitable Foundation
Flint Family Foundation
Foundation for Orange County Public Schools
The George Gund Foundation
Grizzlies Foundation
Huey and Angelina Wilson Foundation
John R. Oishei Foundation
The Kt Foundation
The Mildred H. Fagen Trust
Morris and Gwendolyn Cafritz Foundation
New Hampshire Charitable Foundation
New Hampshire Charitable Foundation鈥檚 Lois G. Roy Dickerman Fund
The New York Community Trust
The Opportunity Project
Otis Booth Foundation
Pathways Foundation
Pincus Family Foundation
PTC Foundation, Inc.
The Sosland Foundation
United Way of Central Ohio
United Way of Greater Kansas City
United Way of Greater Milwaukee & Waukesha County
United Way of the National Capital Area
Up Partnership (P16Plus)
W.K. Kellogg Foundation
Woldenberg Foundation


$25,000 – $49,999

The Abington Foundation
Bader Philanthropies
The Batchelor Foundation
The Carol & James Collins Foundation
The Children’s Foundation
Community First Foundation
Denver Post Community Foundation
Discuren Charitable Foundation
Ed Darby Foundation
Eva L. & Joseph M. Bruening Foundation
Fleetwood Foundation
Gorman Family Holdings
Greater Milwaukee Foundation
Harold Simmons Foundation/Simmons Sisters Fund
Jacksonville Jaguars Foundation
Mile High United Way
Milwaukee Public Schools Foundation
Nationwide Children’s Hospital
The Philadelphia Foundation
The Phoenix Charitable Foundation
The Reinberger Foundation
Sacramento Municipal Utilities District
Saint Luke’s Foundation
The Siemer Family Foundation
Texas Women’s Foundation
United Way of Greater Philadelphia and Southern New Jersey
United Way of Miami-Dade
United Way of Southeast Louisiana
United Way Worldwide


$10,000 – $24,999

15 and the Mahomies
80/20 Foundation
America’s Promise Alliance
America’s Service Commissions
The Baird Foundation
Baton Rouge State Fair Foundation
The Beck Foundation
California State University, Sacramento
Capital Area United Way
Capital for Kids
The Chicago Community Trust
The Child Abuse Prevention Center
Children First Fund
The Clinton Foundation
College Possible
Community Foundation for Greater Buffalo
Conservation Legacy
The Corps Network
Dorothy D Smith Foundation
Dr. Scholl Foundation
FoodCorps, Inc.
Gary E. Milgard Foundation/Skylight Foundation
Granite United Way
Great Oaks Foundation
The H. Chase Lenfest Foundation
Habitat for Humanity International
The Harry C. Moores Foundation
Heart of Arkansas United Way
The Higley Fund
Hollywood Foreign Press Association
The Imo N. Brown Memorial Fund
Institute of Mental Hygiene
Jackson County Community Children’s Services Fund
John D. and Catherine T. MacArthur Foundation
Johnny Carson Foundation
Jumpstart for Young Children, Inc.
June Rockwell Levy Foundation Inc.
The Kent H. Smith Charitable Trust
Lead 4 America
Local Initiatives Support Corporation
Massachusetts Service Alliance
Memphis Education Fund
Miss Wallace M. Leonard Foundation
My Good Deed
National Christian Foundation Heartland
Northwest Children’s Fund
Optimist Club of Country Club
Partners for Education at Berea College
Patrick G. and Shirley W. Ryan Foundation
Pelino Charitable Foundation
Points of Light Foundation
The Pritzker Pucker Family Foundation
Pro Bono Publico Foundation
The Providence Journal Charitable Legacy Fund
Public Allies
Reading Partners
Ripples of Hope
The RosaMary Foundation
Sacramento Literacy Foundation
SBP National Headquarters
Service Year Alliance
Seymour H. Knox Foundation
State of California
Strada Education Network
Swiss Philanthropy Foundation
Teach for America – Headquarters
The Thomas H. White Foundation
The Tides Foundation
The Treu-Mart Fund
UC Davis
United Way of Greater Cleveland
With Honor Action, Inc.
WP & Bulah Luse Foundation
Youth Development Executives of King County


$5,000 鈥 $9,999

Alice I. Sullivan Charitable Foundation
Amgis Foundation Inc.
The Andrews Foundation
The Callahan Foundation
Chicago Sports Commission
The Colorado Trust
David and Inez Myers Foundation
Everett Citizens Foundation
Foundation for Jewish Philanthropies
Helios Foundation
Kelly Foundation
The Kreiner Fund (Foundation for Jewish Philanthropies)
Our Lady of the Lake Regional Medical Center
Point West Rotary Foundation
Ralph Evinrude Foundation Inc.
Red Lodge Foundation
Sacramento Region Community Foundation
School District of Philadelphia
SchoolsFirst Federal Credit Union
Stone Foundation of Michigan
Teichert Foundation
Ubuntu Research & Evaluation
University of Texas at San Antonio
University School of Milwaukee


$2,500 鈥 $4,999

AHS Foundation
American YouthWorks
Arkansas Municipal League
The Barbra Streisand Foundation
Bookstock Fund
Children’s Medical Charities Association
City Forward Collective
City of San Jose
Communities In Schools – Arlington
Corina Higginson Trust
Cuesta Foundation
Frank B. & Virginia V. Fehsenfeld Charitable Foundation
Give716 Day
The Grey Rocks Foundation, Inc.
John Newman Family Charitable Fund
Joseph Kennard Skilling Trust
The Margerum Family Fund
People’s United Community Foundation
San Antonio Housing Authority
Santa Clara County Office of Education
United Methodist Women


$1,000 鈥 $2,499

Ajana Foundation
AmazonSmile Foundation
Arkansas Children’s Hospital
The Banks-Baldwin Foundation
BNY Mellon Charitable Gift Fund
Bright Funds Foundation
Brookfield Congregational Church United Church of Christ
Campus Compact
Citizen Schools, Inc.
City of Providence
Connecticut Commission on Community Service
The Eli and Edythe Broad Foundation
Friends of Nirva LaFortune
Gallo Family Foundation
Great Basin Institute
The Health Federation of Philadelphia
Hunger Free America
Johnson & Johnson Foundation
Judson Foundation
Little Rock School District
Little Rock School District Board of Education
Mariner Wealth Advisors
MetroVolunteers Minoru Yasui Program
Michael Grebe
Michigan Nonprofit Association
Milwaukee Area Technical College (MATC)
Minnesota Alliance With Youth
Northwest Youth Corps
OneStar Foundation
Rebuilding Together, Inc.
Relay Graduate School of Education
Repair The World, Inc.
Rose Community Foundation
Saga Education
The S.K. Wellman Foundation
Southern University Law Center
Student Conservation Association, Inc.
The U.S. Charitable Gift Trust
University of New Hampshire
University of Pennsylvania – Graduate School of Education
Volunteer Florida

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Corporations and corporate foundations

Our corporate partners play a critical role in 黄色视频鈥檚 effort to create learning environments that support student achievement at systemically under-resourced schools across the country.鈥疻e are proud to say that many leading businesses, including 45% of Fortune 100 companies, recognize that partnering with City Year is good for their local communities鈥攁nd good for business.


Comcast NBCUniversal
New York Life
The Red Nose Day Fund at Comic Relief USA


$500,000 – $999,999

Bain Capital
Bank of America
CSX Transportation
National Football League
The NBA Foundation
The Starbucks Foundation
The Taco Bell Foundation
The Vertex Foundation, Inc.


$250,000 – $499,999

The Alter Family
The Aramark Charitable Fund
MFS Investment Management庐
National Grid
Valero Energy
Wellington Management Foundation
Wells Fargo


$100,000 – $249,999

Advent International
Akin Gump Strauss Hauer & Feld
Applied Materials Foundation
Bain & Company
Ballard Spahr LLP
The Boeing Company
Celanese Foundation
CIM Group
CommunityAmerica Credit Union
Detroit Lions Charities
The Detroit Pistons
DTE Energy Foundation
Edelman Financial Engines
Exelon Foundation
Fidelity Foundation
Fidelity Investments
Gilbane Building Company
Hot Topic Foundation
Houghton Mifflin Harcourt
Kaiser Permanente
Liberty Mutual Insurance
Lincoln Financial Foundation
Lindsay Goldberg
Los Angeles Rams
Nationwide Foundation
Northrop Grumman
PTC Foundation, Inc.
Public Consulting Group, Inc.
Quicken Loans Community Investment Fund
QuikTrip Corporation
Riot Games
Rocket Community Fund
Rockwell Automation
Royals Charities
Snap Inc.
The State Street Foundation, Inc.
Summit Partners
Synopsys Foundation
Third Federal Foundation
Trinity Health
Venable Foundation, Inc.
Visible Wireless
UBS Financial Services
The Walt Disney Company
The Wawa Foundation
Weil, Gotshal and Manges LLP


$50,000 – $99,999

Bank of Oklahoma
Bread Financial
Civic Alpha LLC
Cozen O’Connor
Danaher Corporation
Danaher Foundation
DePuy Synthes Companies of Johnson and Johnson
Dominion Virginia Power
Fidelity Brokerage Services
Firstrust Bank
Hasbro Children’s Fund
HEB Grocery Company
Johnson Controls, Inc.
Kirkland & Ellis LLP
New York Life
Northern Trust
Northwestern Mutual Foundation
Philip L. Graham Fund
Regions Bank
Ropes and Gray LLP
San Francisco Forty Niners Foundation
SAP America, Inc.
Schneider Electric
Skadden, Arps, Slate, Meagher & Flom LLP
Slingshot Memphis
Sony Pictures Entertainment
Sutter Health
Talking Rain
USAA Foundation
Wachtell, Lipton, Rosen & Katz


$25,000 – $49,000

A+E Networks
Amazon Studios
American Express Foundation
American Family Insurance
Baker & Hostetler LLP
Banner and Witcoff Ltd
Bath & Body Works
Blue Cross Blue Shield of Illinois
Blue Cross Blue Shield of South Carolina
BMO Harris Bank
Capital Group
Cavaliers Community Foundation
Chevron Corporate Headquarters
Columbia Pictures
Comerica Bank
CVS Health Charity Classic
Davis Polk and Wardwell LLP
Discover Financial Services
Drinker Biddle and Reath LLP
Eastdil Secured
FactSet Research
Fifth Third Bank
First Niagara/KeyBank Foundation
Florida Blue
Ford Motor Company Fund
Global Upside, Inc.
Golden 1 Credit Union
Grosvenor Capital Management LP
Health Care Service Corporation
Hemenway & Barnes LLP
Henry Crown and Company
Huntington National Bank
Hyatt Hotels Foundation
Ingram-White Castle Foundation
J.P. Morgan Chase
Kirkland and Ellis Foundation
Mariner Wealth Advisors
MarVista Entertainment
Meredith Corporation Foundation
Nicor Gas
People Magazine
Perkins Coie Trust Company
Reed Smith LLP
Revel Consulting
RPM International Inc.
Safeco Insurance Fund
State Street Corporation
Takeda Pharmaceuticals
T-Mobile, USA
Truist Financial
Union Pacific Foundation
Universal Orlando Resort
Valero Energy Foundation
The Wasserman Foundation
We Energies Foundation
Wintrust Financial Corporation


$10,000 – $24,999

Abrams Capital Management, LLC
Aetna Better Health of Louisiana
Albemarle Foundation
American Red Cross
Arata Brothers Trust
Ariel Investments
Assurant Inc.
Atlantic Global Risk LLC
Bay Area Community Resources
Beacon Capital Partners
Becton Dickinson and Company
Bernstein Litowitz Berger and Grossmann LLP
Big Lots, Inc.
Bilzin Sumberg
Blanca Commercial Real Estate, Inc.
BMO Capital Markets
Booz Allen Hamilton
Brewers Community Foundation
Burger King
Cadwalader, Wickersham & Taft LLP
Caliber Collision Centers
Canada Goose
Cavender Audi
Cavender Auto Family
Charities Aid Foundation
Chicago White Sox
Clayco Inc.
Costco Wholesale Corporation
Cox Communications
CPS Energy
Credit Suisse First Boston
Credit Suisse Securities
CVS Health
Duane Morris
Fairwinds Credit Union
First Credit Bank
Five Star Bank
Frontline Education
Frost National Bank
The Gambrinus Co.
General Mills Foundation
Global Prairie
Gravestar Foundation
GTIS Partners
Hallmark Cards, Inc.
Hancock Whitney Bank
HarbourVest Partners, LLC
Hasbro, Inc.
Haverford Trust Company
Helmerich & Payne Inc.
Helping Hand Foundation
Illinois Tool Works Inc.
IMA Foundation
Jenner and Block LLP
JPMorgan Chase Foundation
Kansas City Southern Railway
Keker and Van Nest LLP
Latham and Watkins LLP
Loeb and Loeb LLP
M33 Growth
Marsh & McLennan Companies, Inc.
Marsh and McLennan Agency/Seitlin
McLarty Companies
McMaster-Carr Supply Company
Merrill Lynch, Pierce, Fenner & Smith, Inc.
Microsoft Corporation
Milwaukee Bucks
Morgan, Lewis and Bockius
Mythical Entertainment
The National Journal
New Profit, Inc.
Nordson Corporation Foundation
Northeast Delta Dental
Notre Dame Mission Volunteers
Oliver Wyman
Origlio Beverage
Orlando Health
Orlando Utilities Commission
Peoples Gas
Philadelphia Insurance Companies Foundation
PNC Foundation
QM6 Logistics LLC
Russell Investments
SAFE Credit Union
Safra National Bank of New York
Scholastic Inc.
School’s Out Washington
Share Our Strength
Shearman and Sterling
Sidley Austin LLP
TD Bank
TechStyle Fashion Group
Textron Charitable Trust
U.S. Bank Foundation
UMB Bank
United Talent Agency
Universal Orlando Foundation
Unum Insurance Company of America
US Trust Bank of America Private Bank/Wealth Management
Warner Bros. Discovery
William Blair & Company Foundation
Willis Towers Watson
Willkie Farr & Gallagher LLP
YouthBuild USA


$5,000 – $9,999

American Tower Corporation
Amica Companies Foundation
Argo Group
Arvest Bank
Ash Anos Freedman and Logan LLC
Aurora Health Care
Baird Foundation, Inc.
Baker Tilly
Blue Cross Blue Shield of Oklahoma
Bowditch & Dewey LLP
BR+A Consulting Engineers
Bread Financial Employee Giving
Broadway Bank
Brown and Connery LLP
Brown Brothers Harriman and Co.
Burns & McDonnell
Carlino Commercial Development
Charter Manufacturing Company Foundation
Cleveland-Cliffs Foundation
Collette Foundation
Columbus Metropolitan Housing Authority
Compass, Inc.
The Cordish Companies
Crown Castle
Delfino, Madden, O’Malley Coyle and Koewler, LLP
Delta Dental of Kansas
Eastern Bank Charitable Foundation
eBay, Inc.
Elkus Manfredi Architects
Enterprise Holdings Foundation
Eversource Energy Foundation Inc.
Fiduciary Trust Company
Foley & Lardner LLP
Frederic Dorwart Lawyers
GDH Inc.
Gibson, Dunn and Crutcher LLP
Godfrey and Kahn S.C.
Great Range Capital
Groom Law Group Chartered
H&R Block Foundation
Harris Ranch Beef Company
Husch Blackwell
The IMA Financial Group, Inc.
Independence Blue Cross
JE Dunn Construction
Jewish Federation of Metropolitan Chicago
Johnson Bank
Jones Day
Jones Walker LLP
JP Morgan Chase
Kaulig Foundation
Kelben Foundation
Kiewit Engineering, Inc.
Klasko Immigration Law Partners, LLP
Lamar Advertising Company
Lawler, Metzger, Keeney & Logan LLC
Levenfeld Pearlstein LLC
LLR Partners
Losey PLLC
LPL Financial Services
Manning Gross + Massenburg LLP
McCombs Enterprises
McCownGordon Construction
McLane Middleton
Mesirow Financial
Miami Dolphins Foundation
Moelis and Company
Morgan Stanley
Neighborhood Health Plan of Rhode Island
New Hampshire Charitable Foundation鈥檚 Lavallee/Brensinger Architects
Newton Associated I, LTD (Clay Richmond/Pizza Hut)
Omni Air International
Orlando Magic
Plymouth Rock Assurance Corporation
Publix Super Markets Charities, Inc.
Putnam Investments
R&L Associates
Raising Cane’s Chicken Fingers
RBC Wealth Management
Republic Bank
Scarinci and Hollenbeck LLC
Seattle Seahawks
SEI Investments
Simmons Bank
Spencer Fane LLP
Spurs Give
Sunstein Kann Murphy & Timbers LLP
Tango Card, Inc.
Target Corporation
Tegna Foundation
Texas Automobile Dealers Association
The Washington Nationals
TW Chicago LLC
VanTrust Real Estate, LLC
The Vistria Group LP
Waterton Management, LLC
White and Case LLP
Williams Corporation
Willkie Farr & Ghallagher LLP
Zachry Group


$2,500 – $4,999

3 Arts Entertainment
African American Chamber of Commerce, PA, NJ, DE
Alaska Airlines
American Eagle Mortgage
The Amgen Foundation
Atlantic Pearl Investments, Inc.
Baptist Memorial Healthcare
The Barra Foundation
Baton Rouge Coca-Cola Bottling Company
Best Buy Foundation
Brownstein Hyatt Farber Schreck
Cardinal Health Foundation
Casual Animal Brewery
Chapman & Spingola, LLP
Chicago Bulls
Christopher B. Burke Engineering Ltd
City Furniture
Clif Douglass & Linebarger Goggan Blair and Sampson LLP
Commerce Bank
Conner & Winters, LLP
Country Club Bank
Creative Planning Benefits, LLC
Credit Human
DeVoe Law
Dominion Energy Charitable Foundation
East Bay Community Foundation
Edison Electric Institute
First Financial Capital
Flour Bakery + Cafe/Cakewalk Bakery
FTW Investments
Goldman Sachs & Co.
Grange Insurance Company
Gulf States Financial Services
Holt Cat
Hornberger Fuller Garza & Cohen Incorporated
Jefferson Bank
Keating Mara & Associates LLC
Little Rock Regional Chamber of Commerce
Little Rock Water Reclamation Authority
Louisiana Lottery Corporation
Louisiana Workforce Commission
Lubar & Co.
Mark Motors
Mortgage Guaranty Insurance Corporation (MGIC)
Perkins and Will
PNC Bank
PointOne Holdings LLC
Port San Antonio
Regent Bank
Robert W. Baird & Company
Rubin Brown LLP
Schnake Turnbo Frank, PR
Security Bank
Security Service Federal Credit Union
Sherin & Lodgen LLP
Shook, Hardy & Bacon
SnapIT Solutions
Snell & Wilmer LLP
Southern California Gas Company
Spectrum Reach
Stantec Consulting Services
Tortoise Capital Advisors
Turner Construction Company
Ukrop’s Threads
Urban Air Park North
Wolf, Greenfield & Sacks, PC
Zarwin Baum


$1,000 – $2,499

AbbVie Employee Giving
Acadian Asset Management
Addition Financial
AfterSchool Alliance
America Learns, LLC
America’s Charities
Ardea Holdings LP
Arkansas Blue Cross Blue Shield
Avante Capital Partners
Bad Robot Productions, Inc.
Berkadia Commercial Mortgage
Brokers Insurance LLC
Buckeye Interactive
Caesars Foundation
Capitol Communications Group
The Celtic Group
Charter Properties
City of Orlando
Clark Construction Group LLC
Classic Comforts Community Trust
Columbus Mortgage Bankers Association
Crowe LLP
Dedicated Computing LLC
Delta Dental of Arkansas
Delta Dental of Rhode Island
Denver Health
Devine Millimet & Branch
Downey Brand, LLP
Element Productions, Inc.
Elevation Financial Group
Essence Global LLC
Falls Communications
Fannie Hillman and Associates
Fisher and Phillips
Franklin Templeton Investments
Gill Ragon Owen, P.A.
Grant J. Hunt Company
Greeley and Hansen
Hamilton Jewelers
Harvard Pilgrim Health Care
Healthy Blue
Hewlett-Packard Company
Hire Alliance
HKM Direct Market Communications
Interiors for Business Inc.
JPJ Consulting LLC
Key Bank National Association Trust Division
KKT Architects, Inc.
Knight Foundation
Knightshead Law Firm LLC
Legacy Termite & Pest Control
Lemonade Insurance Agency
Liberty Bank and Trust Company
Life Enrichment Center Norfolk
Mabrey Bank
Markstein Beverage Co. of Sacramento
Mitchell Williams Selig Gates Woodyard
Mueller Communications, Inc.
Obermayer Rebmann Maxwell & Hippel LLP
Orlando Brokers Insurance
Parkway, Inc.
Philadelphia Housing Authority
PJH and Associates, Inc.
Playworks Education Energized
Reify Solutions LLC
ReVision Eyes
SAC Wireless
Sacramento Regional Transit
Schnader Harrison Segal & Lewis LLP
Seaside National Bank & Trust
Sheehan Phinney Bass & Green PA
Silver Lake Management Co. Sumeru, LLC
Sutherland Asbill and Brennan LLP
Team Liquid
The Tioga Foundation
Triangle Credit Union
US Bank
VJS Construction
Western Union
Wood Gutmann & Bogart Insurance Brokers

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Team sponsors

Team and program sponsorships provide a unique opportunity for companies to engage with 黄色视频鈥檚 work in their local communities.


Bain and Company
Bain Capital Community Partnership
Caerus Foundation Inc.
Comcast NBCUniversal
Entergy Louisiana
The Hunt Family Foundation
Lamar Advertising Company
Len Hill Charitable Trust
Liberty Mutual Insurance
MFS Investment Management庐
National Grid
NBA Foundation
QuikTrip Corporation
The Red Nose Day Fund at Comic Relief USA
Rosenthal Family Foundation
Royals Charities
Universal Orlando Foundation
Valero Energy Foundation
Vera R. Campbell Foundation
Wellington Management Foundation
Wells Fargo



AbbVie Foundation
Advent International
Akin Gump Strauss Hauer & Feld
The Alter Family
Applied Materials, Inc.
Ballard Spahr LLP
Bank of America Charitable Foundation
Caerus Foundation, Inc.
Cavaliers Community Foundation
Chicago Sky
Chicago Transit Authority
CIM Group
City of Little Rock
CommunityAmerica Credit Union
DePuy Synthes Companies of Johnson and Johnson
Detroit Lions Charities
The Detroit Pistons
DTE Energy Foundation
ECMC Foundation
Edelman Family Fund
Edelman Financial Engines
Exelon Foundation
Fidelity Investments
Firstrust Bank
General Motors Foundation
Goldring Family Foundation
Grizzlies Foundation
Harvey E. Najim
Hasbro Children’s Fund
Heart of Florida United Way
Houghton Mifflin Harcourt
Hunt Family Foundation/Kansas City Chiefs
Impact San Antonio
Institute of Mental Hygiene
J. Wayne Weaver
Julia A. Uihlein
Kansas City Royals Charities
Lincoln Financial Group
Lindsay Goldberg
Los Angeles Rams
Max M. and Marjorie S. Fisher Foundation
Michael Ward and Jennifer Glock Foundation
Nationwide Foundation
New Schools for Baton Rouge
Orlando Magic Youth Fund
PTC Foundation, Inc.
Public Consulting Group, Inc.
QuikTrip Corporation
Rice Family Foundation
Riot Games
Rocket Community Fund
Rockwell Automation
San Francisco Forty Niners Foundation
Santander Bank
Santander Consumer USA Foundation
Schneider Electric
The Skillman Foundation
The Smidt Foundation
Sony Pictures Entertainment
The State Street Foundation, Inc.
Summit Partners
Synopsys Foundation
T&J Ward Family Foundation
Taco Bell Foundation
The Hot Topic Foundation
Trinity Health
United Way of Greater Milwaukee & Waukesha County
United Way of Metropolitan Dallas, Inc.
United Way of Southeast Louisiana
The Vertex Foundation, Inc.
W.K. Kellogg Foundation
The Walt Disney Company
The Wawa Foundation

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In-Kind Donors

88.9 Radio
Academy Sports
Alamo Cafe
Bakery Lorraine
Bank of America
Bank of Oklahoma
Barbee Cookies
Bird Bakery
Brown’s Donut Shop
Candace and John Darby
Dave and Busters
Daylight Donuts
Domino’s Pizza
Donut Hole
Dunkin Donuts
Einstein Bros Bagels
Tara Fernandez
Aaron C. Gougis
H-E-B Grocery Company
Hideaway Pizza
Ida Claire
Java Doughs
JAX Chamber
Krispy Kreme
La Panderia
Langdon Publishing
Magic City Books
Magic Time Machine
Merritt’s Bakery
Milwaukee Business Journal
Olive Garden
Panera Bread
Papa John鈥檚
Sam鈥檚 Club
San Antonio Aquarium
Shonda and Curtis Fisher
Simple Simon’s Pizza
Starbucks Coffee Company
Synopsys, Inc.
Taco Bell
Target Corporation
Texas Roadhouse
Thunder Fellows
The Truth Radio (Good Karma Brand)
Wegmans Food Markets, Inc.

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