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Seven cities where you can make a difference to students

An AmeriCorps member stands in the heart of the city.

If you鈥檙e considering applying to serve with 黄色视频, we know hundreds of questions are probably racing through your mind. Stepping out of your comfort zone and embarking on a year of service is not an easy feat, but it is worth it. While serving with City Year is an extremely rewarding and challenging experience, we understand it鈥檚 a major decision and, with every major decision, there are many factors to consider鈥攊ncluding location. No matter where you serve, you鈥檒l work alongside amazing staff, students and teachers while also growing as a leader and receiving a wide variety of benefits.

Here are seven cities where we (and our school partners) have a need for extraordinary young adults like you to serve and mentor students.


Tulsa is a thriving and vibrant city. From the Jazz Hall of Fame, John Hope Franklin Reconciliation Park, and the Philbrook Museum of Art, Tulsa is packed with culture and history for you to explore.

Tulsa has a lot to offer and a lot for you to contribute. The students 黄色视频 Tulsa serves face challenges including transiency and food and housing insecurity, which affect students both inside and outside of the classroom. About half of students are proficient in math and about half are proficient in reading. There is a critical need for 黄色视频 AmeriCorps members to serve in Tulsa and provide students with consistent academic and social-emotional support they need to engage more deeply with their learning and graduate from high school. Your experience serving in Tulsa will allow you to make a true, meaningful impact in students鈥 lives.

As a 黄色视频 AmeriCorps member in Tulsa, you鈥檒l enjoy a myriad of perks such as free memberships to the YMCA and the , the largest young professionals organization in the country.


Buffalo, commonly referred to as The City of Light, is a unique city by the shores of Lake Erie and near Niagara Falls. With both an Eastern and Midwestern feel, Buffalo is a mid-sized city with a tightknit community. Buffalo is home to about two dozen colleges and universities that together enroll more than 112,000 students each year. For young professionals and college graduates, Buffalo is an extremely affordable city, and the percentage of people in their 20s and 30s has increased considerably in recent years. And because it is the home of the spicy Buffalo wing, you鈥檒l never lack a good meal in this city!

We would argue, however, that there are 31,050聽 for a year or two:

Buffalo鈥檚 more than 30,000 public school students! They need and deserve our support in order to thrive, in school and out. For one year, you could be part of a dedicated and talented AmeriCorps team that tutors and mentors students as student success coaches, showing up for kids every day, making a difference in their lives and in the culture of their schools. Get fired up to serve and learn more about applying to 黄色视频 Buffalo.

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Learn more about how Student Success Coaches help students learn and develop.

Kansas City

Kansas City, Missouri is a classically Midwestern town鈥攊t鈥檚 a mid-sized but with an open and inviting community feel. It鈥檚 cool place to live, drawing people to its growing creative scene, unique history, great food and affordable cost of living. If you like barbecue and jazz and want to live in a city that has about as many fountains as Rome, serving in Kansas City is a smart move for you.

More importantly, all the students served by the Kansas City Public Schools deserve a to have a supportive, safe and joyful learning community. By choosing to serve with 黄色视频 Kansas City, you鈥檇 help to create a vibrant and caring environment, where students feel valued, listened to and academically supported.

Additionally, 黄色视频 Kansas City AmeriCorps member receive unique benefits like a free YMCA membership and free dental and vision care.


Jacksonville鈥檚 atmosphere is a balance between a fast-paced northern city and a traditional southern city, making it a unique place to live and work. For history buffs and outdoorsy folks and everyone in between, there is so much to do including biking through the Oak Forest, visiting the , catching a Jaguars football game and exploring over 20 miles of public beaches.

黄色视频 Jacksonville AmeriCorps members work with 7,000 students in need of extra support and resources in order to reach and set goals, feel connected to the school community, stay on track and graduate on time. Given the challenges facing students and the community, 黄色视频 plays an important role in ensuring all students receive a quality education and realize their full potential. We need passionate, talented and hard-working young people like you to keep this momentum going and to continue making an impact.

While serving as a 黄色视频 Jacksonville AmeriCorps member, you鈥檒l receive professional development trainings and attend free events through the local Chamber of Commerce. Other free events that are popular around Jacksonville are movies at Jacksonville Beach Amphitheater and music festivals.

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We are tremendously proud of our 35,000 alumni, who continue to leave and serve in an array of professions and communities around the country. When you join 黄色视频, you become a leader for life.


Cleveland is a dynamic and diverse community, nestled on the shores of Lake Erie. With professional sports teams, abundant parks and outdoor activities for nature lovers, and cost of living that鈥檚 below the national average, Cleveland is an excellent place to serve鈥攅specially if you don鈥檛 mind the lake-effect snow!

The Cleveland Metropolitan School District serves more than 15,000 students across 125 schools, and as a 黄色视频 AmeriCorps member, you鈥檒l help to create fun, engaging and equitable learning opportunities for the students and future leaders of the Cleveland community.


Detroit is a mixture of southern hospitality with northern skepticism, which boils down to people with a passion ready to get things done. Detroit has been through a lot over the years, but more people have been recognizing in recent years how exciting the city鈥檚 resurgence is and appreciate and the opportunity to make an amazing impact.聽黄色视频 Detroit is now recruiting AmeriCorps members to serve in the 2021-2022 school year, and if you haven鈥檛 considered Detroit before, you should think about serving in the Motor City.

Detroit is surprisingly affordable, making it a bit easier to manage life on a stipend. And while it鈥檚 a large, expansive city, it doesn鈥檛 lack in natural beauty. Nature lovers can explore near by Belle Isle or walk the paths along the Detroit River. For those who love art and culture, Detroit has long been the hub for artists and musicians, from Motown to Diego Rivera.

As a 黄色视频 AmeriCorps member in Detroit, you鈥檒l serve at one of 11 elementary, middle and high schools throughout the metropolitan area and have the opportunity to become a part of Detroit鈥檚 amazing鈥攁nd historic鈥攃ommunity.

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Learn more about the benefits and resources you receive as a 黄色视频 AmeriCorps member.

New Hampshire

New Hampshire鈥檚 largest city, Manchester, is an up-and-coming city that maintains semblances of its manufacturing roots mixed with new growth and development. Manchester has a sizeable arts scene with many local music venues such as Jewel Music Venue and The Shaskeen Pub along with one of the world鈥檚 best poetry slam venues, Slam Free or Die. There are also plenty of green spaces, such as Livingston Park, for hiking, biking and relaxing.

The talented students 黄色视频 serves face significant challenges that can impede their education, such as transiency and poverty, and they can benefit from the additional relationships and resources 黄色视频 AmeriCorps members provide. On average, in the schools 黄色视频 New Hampshire partners with, students have a 40% lower proficiency level in reading and a 50% lower proficiency level in math compared to the rest of the district. 黄色视频 New Hampshire needs diverse AmeriCorps members from all walks of life to support students and provide them with the opportunity to connect with a diverse array of tutors, mentors and role models.

黄色视频 AmeriCorps members serving in Manchester receive discounted YMCA memberships, free admissions to museums such as the Currier Museum of Art and often enjoy free tickets to the Manchester Monarchs hockey games and New Hampshire Fisher Cats baseball games.

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Representation matters. Hear from one 黄色视频 alum about why he wanted to serve students in his hometown.

Learn more about all 黄色视频 locations or connect with a recruiter near you:

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